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Who Is Lisa Really?

Well, what can I tell you?  I can tell you that I am a wife and mother of 2 amazing girls and 2 dogs, Rocky and Frankie, who are affectionately referred to as the employees of the month.  The husband and kids just roll their eyes at this.  My family is my ‘why’ and I am proud to show my girls what it looks like to be a successful business owner.  And now I have the pleasure to mentor my daughter, who is following in my footsteps and became a mortgage broker in 2020.

Our family is a fight family, literally.  Our oldest started in Taekwondo when she was 6 and then the youngest started just before her 4th birthday. The oldest competed internationally and podiumed frequently.  After 10 years of TKD and both earning their 3rd dan black belts, we then moved to MMA (mixed martial arts).  Once again, both girls excelled and competition is in the forefront.  I was frequently referred to as the gym Mom, with other’s actually calling me Mom.  

But now that the girls are both adults, I am not needed in the gym as much.  My husband and I have found a love of motorhoming!  The pups love it too and get excited when they realize we are heading on a trip.  The husband’s favorite thing to do is to set a destination and see where the road there takes us.  This frequently lands us in a Walmart parking lot ha ha!  I am trying to convert him of his ways as I am more of a glampour.  My favorite thing to do is be by water where I can pop my paddleboard in grab the pups and paddle away and enjoy the scenery.      

In the summer when not motorhoming, you can find me in my Jeep pictured on this website, with the top and doors off, likely rocking out to something embarrassing.  

The ocean is where I find my peace. You’ll notice throughout the site that I have included waves on every page. They are a part of me and part of my brand. I feel calm, at home and at peace when the water is close by (not good for a prairie girl ha ha!).  And that is what I want to bring to each of my clients, peace.  Peace knowing that I get you, and I got you.

Rocky Balboa

Barketing Manager
Oct 31. 2008-May 25, 2024

This lovely lady Rocky Balboa (yes, named after that guy) was born in 2008 and she has had a vast experience in the day to day tasks of the mortgage office. She enjoy’s her role of overseeing the other’s in the office and takes pleasure in her seniority and the perks of the job.

Frankie Edgar

Pawject Manager

Frankie Edgar, named after an MMA fighter, is little but feisty, just like his namesake. He is a 2014 Vintage, but he learned the ropes fast and is always on top of things, including Lisa’s lap. He can frequently be seen on zoom’s, making mental notes of what is going on. He will be the first to alert you to an issue, and doesn’t let up until it’s rectified.

Both Rocky and Frankie on the off time enjoy going for walks, Jeep rides and paddleboarding with Lisa.  You will find them both curled up in one of the many pillows throughout the house, but never far away from Mom.   Unless animals come on the TV, then Frankie needs to let everyone in the neighbourhood know.  

Working Together, Making a Difference

100 Brokers Who Care. Our mandate is simple. Each quarter the members of Brokers Who Care come together and donate $100 to a charity voted on by the group. In a few mouse clicks, money is raised and lives are impacted. I am proud to be part of this group. Have a look at our blog, maybe you will find a cause worth supporting yourself!


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